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What is MUSHER Studio?

It is an innovative project that aims to provide high-quality graphic support to improve the communication of scientific studies, as well as training for both senior and junior researchers in the field of scientific illustration.

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What is Scientific Illustration?

Scientific illustration is more than just a work of art. It is a way of communicating concepts, details and complex issues in an attractive and easily understandable way. Illustrations go beyond the complex language used in the scientific world and allow a better understanding of the subject [1,2,3] .

"Scientific illustration is art at the service of science"


Perilli, K. (2019). Scientific Illustration. What is it? The Franklin Institute

And therefore:

"Scientific illustrators are artists at the service of science


Hodges, ERS (2003). The Guild Handbook of SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION. WILEY Editorial. 575 p.

Is it important within the academic/scientific world?

When you open a textbook or scientific journal, the images are the ones that catch your attention. In a review article in the journal Nature on the evolution of scientific illustration over the last 150 years [2] they described that science was fundamentally a visual effort where the communication of research, new discoveries, ideas and observations has always been a combination of images (illustrations, graphs, diagrams and photographs) and text.

"Although the tools for making these images have radically changed, the power of images has not"


Belknap, G. (2019). 150 years of scientific illustration. Nature, 575: 25-28.

However, we must never forget that, in the concrete representation of certain abstract concepts, the text has not yet been surpassed by the image [4] .

Keys to create a good Scientific Illustration

Why do you choose me?

Many people (including many scientists) consider Science and Art the two opposite sides of a spectrum. However, the union between Science and Art is that shapes the field of scientific Enlightenment [3].


The creation process scientific illustrations requires collaboration between scientists and illustrators or image-makers to shape and build a trusted image. The accuracy is very important, however, sometimes the opinion on what is a good illustration can differ between the scientist and the illustrator. For the scientist, the interpretation of the information and the way to communicate is more important, while for the illustrator, the essential thing is to produce carefully detailed illustrations and following the canons of naturalistic illustration. This means that the production of a good scientific illustration involves reaching an agreement between the individual artist and the scientist [1,2].


As Dr. Hernández-Muñoz concludes in his Doctoral Thesis: "The communicative dimension of the scientific image: graphic representation of concepts in the sciences" [4].

Here comes the key issue, what can I offer you that others cannot offer you?


My main vocation is science, as a scientist and more specifically as a Doctor in Ecology I know from the world of scientific publications such as dissemination through oral communications or posters to different sectors of society (scientists, students, etc.). And all the type of requirements that a scientific journal asks for you. I have the advantage of being able to read any scientific text, to advise you on the format, type of information to be displayed or other suggestions. My vision is not biased becuase my main profession is not “Illustrator” or “Artist”. The communication and the work process will be much more intertwined. If you want to know more about me you can consult my Biography.

Mutual benefit

"A consensus among illustrator associations, scientific associations and publishers would be convenient"


Hernández Muñoz, O. (2010). The communicative dimension of the scientific image: graphic representation of concepts in the life sciences. Doctoral Thesis, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

What am I looking for founding MUSHER Studio? A wide collaboration with very diverse scientifics and academics. And that it is not only a simple business-customer relationship. I will be able to contribute an improvement in the visibility and visualization of your work while I will receive more and more experience as an illustrator and I will be able to nurture myself intellectually with the work I do.


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