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Dolores Ruiz-Lupión


I started my academic career obtaining Bachelor's degrees in Marine and Environmental Sciences at the Universities of Cádiz and Almería respectively. Later I studied a Master's Degree in Global Change Assessment at the University of Almería. This training gave me the opportunity to get a FPU pre-doctoral contract and start my research career. I did a Doctoral Thesis in Ecology at the Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA-CSIC) entitled: "An eco-evolutionary approach to ecological food webs through simulation".

Scientific Research

My scientific interest is the modelling and ecology of terrestrial and aquatic food webs, focusing on the population, ecological and evolutionary consequences of predator-prey interactions under multiple environmental conditions. And mainly, the integration of theoretical and empirical studies (both field and laboratory) in order to obtain quality data to parameterize and feed-back theoretical models.

Becoming a Scientific Illustrator

Throughout this period I have developed my skills as a Scientific Illustrator by using vector graphic design programs such as CorelDRAW or Inkscape. This has led me not only to illustrate my own scientific articles, but also to collaborate with a large number of senior and junior researchers in the preparation and design of oral communications, posters, composition of graphics, diagrams, iconographies,... , and to teach specialized graphic design courses for CSIC researchers.

Get to know my Scientific Articles and take a look at the ILLUSTRATIONS

Take a look at the graphics, diagrams, illustrations and other figures. From graphics out of R language (R core development team) to the most complex pictures have been painstakingly done.

Henriques, J.F.; Lacava, M.; Guzmán, C.; --- & Magalhães, S. (2023). Trait-specific indirect effects underlie variation in the response of spiders to cannibalistic social partners. The American Naturalist, 202(3): 322-336.

Ruiz-Lupión, D.; Barrionuevo, G.; Casado, L.G.; Montserrat, M.; Gómez, J.M. & Moya-Laraño, J. (2022). Design and parameterization of simulated mult-trophic meta-community experiments: the water dependent forest floor food web en: 75 Aniversario de la Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas (1947-2022): reconstruyendo nuestra historia construimos nuestro futuro. Consejo Superior de Invesigaciones Científicas (CSIC). 584p. ISBN: 978-84-00-11072-7.

Montserrat-Larrosa, M.; Serrano-Carnero, D.; Torres-Campos, I.; Bohloolzadeh, M.; Ruiz-Lupión, D. & Moya-Laraño, J. (2021). Food web engineering: ecology and evolution to improve biological pest control. Current Opinion in Insect Science, 47:125-135.

Ruiz-Lupión, D.; Gavín-Centol, M.P. & Moya-Laraño, J. (2021). How to capture the moves of leaf-litter: A small world to discover. Frontiers for Young Minds, 9 - 552700. doi: 10.3389/frym.2021.552700

Ruiz-Lupión, D.; Gómez, J.M. & Moya-Laraño, J. (2020). Mass-length allometry covaries with ecosystem productivity at a global scale. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 29:87-101.

Ruiz-Lupión, D.; Pascual, J.; Melguizo-Ruiz, N.; Verdeny-Vilalta, O. & Moya-Laraño, J. (2019). New Litter Trap Devices Outperform Pitfall Traps for Studying Arthropod Activity. Insects, 10: 147.

Crespo, L.C.; Domènech, M.; Enguídanos, A.; Malumbres-Olarte, J.; Cardoso, P.; Moya-Laraño, J.; Frías-López, C.; Macías-Hernández, N.; de Mas, E.; Mazzuca, P.; Mora, E.; Opatova, V.; Planas, E.; Ribera, C.; Roca-Cusachs, M.; Ruiz, D.; Sousa, P.; Tonzo, V. & Arnedo, M.A. (2018). A DNA barcode-assisted annotated checklist of the spider (Arachnida, Araneae) communities associated to white oak woodlands in Spanish National Parks.  Biodiversity Data Journal, 6: e29443.​

Gavín-Centol, M.P.; Kralj-Fišer, S.; de Mas, E.; Ruiz-Lupión, D. & Moya-Laraño, J. (2017). Feeding regime, adult age and sexual size dimorphism as determinants of pre-copulatory sexual cannibalism in virgin wolf spiders. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 71:10.

Bilbao-Castro, J.R.; Barrionuevo, G.; Ruiz-Lupión, D.; Casado, L.G. & Moya-Laraño, J. (2015). WEAVER. A multiagent, spatial-explicit and high-performance framework to study complex ecological networks in: Highlights of Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Sustainability: The PAAMS Collection. International Workshops of PAAMS 2015, Salamanca, Spain. Bajo, J.; Hallenborg, K.; Pawlewski, P.; Botti, V.; Sánchez-Pi, N.; Duque Méndez, N.D.; Lopes, F.; Julián, V. (Eds.), Springer, XVIII, 422p.

Moya-Laraño, J.; Bilbao-Castro, J.R.; Barrionuevo, G.; Ruiz-Lupión, D.; Casado, L.G.; Montserrat, M.; Melián, C.J. & Magalhães, S. (2014). Eco-Evolutionary Spatial Dynamics: Rapid Evolution and Isolation Explain Food Web Persistence. Advances in Ecological Research, 50: 75-143.

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Each slide has been designed to attract visually the attention of the audience and to facilitate the understanding of all concepts.


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Beyond Weaver: insights into the evolution of allometry

Ruiz-Lupión, D.; Gómez, J.M. & Moya-Laraño, J.

2nd Symposium on the computer program Weaver. 

Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA-CSIC), Almería, Spain


New perspectives on growth allometry in soil arthropods

Ruiz-Lupión, D .; Gómez, JM & Moya-Laraño, J.

XIII Scientific Marathon 2017

Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA-CSIC), Almería, Spain

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Effect of the spatial configuration of the habitat on metapopulation dynamics

Ruiz-Lupión, D .; Barrinuevo, G .; Bilbao-Castro, JR; Married, LG; Gómez, JM & Moya-Laraño, J.

XII Scientific Marathon 2016

Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA-CSIC), Almería, Spain

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Simulating the effect of green corridors on the persistence of an ecological soil food web across space

Ruiz-Lupión, D .; Barrinuevo, G .; Bilbao-Castro, JR; Married, LG; Gómez, JM & Moya-Laraño, J.

XI Scientific Marathon 2015

Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA-CSIC), Almería, Spain

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Implementing ecological stoichiometry in individual-based models on food webs

Ruiz-Lupión, D.

1st Symposium on the computer program Weaver.

Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA-CSIC), Almería, Spain

07 Charla ECOFLOR 2013.jpg

Exploring the possible effects of variability in 13 predator and prey traits on eco-evolutionary dynamics in food webs

Ruiz-Lupión, D. & Moya-Laraño, J.

X Annual Meeting of the ECOFLOR Thematic Network

University of Sevilla (US), Sevilla, Spain

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Combining Art and Science: The Magic of Using CorelDRAW X7
First Call for CSIC Training Courses 2018

Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA-CSIC), Almería, Spain

Duration: 25 hours
Date: 03/19/2018 - 03/22/2018

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Taller de Ilustración Científica
I Festival de Ecología de la Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre (AEET)

Camping El Rocío, Huelva, Spain

Duración: 2 hours 
Fecha: 18/05/202022

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